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Dogtown and Z-Boys est un film américain de genre Documentaire réalisé par Stacy Peralta avec Sean Penn

Dogtown and Z-Boys (2001)

Dogtown and Z-Boys
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Durée 1h31
Réalisé par
Note75% 3.796823.796823.796823.796823.79682

Dogtown and Z-Boys is an award winning 2001 documentary film directed by Stacy Peralta. The documentary explores the pioneering of the Zephyr skateboard team in the 1970s (of which Peralta was a member) and the evolving sport of skateboarding. Using a mix of film of the Zephyr skateboard team (Z-Boys) shot in the 1970s by Craig Stecyk, along with contemporary interviews, the documentary tells the story of a group of teenage surfer/skateboarders and their influence on the history of skateboarding (and to a lesser extent surfing) culture.


Un documentaire sur les pionniers du skate board dans les années soixante-dix.


Sean Penn

Henry Rollins

Stacy Peralta

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