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Demony wojny według Goi est un film de genre Drame avec Bogusław Linda

Demony wojny według Goi (1998)

Demony wojny według Goi
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Durée 1h37
Genres Drame,    Guerre
Themes Politique
Note63% 3.1501553.1501553.1501553.1501553.150155

Demons of War (Polish: Demony wojny według Goi) is a 1998 Polish war drama by Władysław Pasikowski set during the Bosnian War.


After the Bosnian War, Bosnia and Herzegovina is occupied by the NATO-led (IFOR) Implementation Force. In February 1996, a unit of Polish IFOR troops detains and releases three foreign mercenaries in Srebrenica, before they can be executed by a Bosnian mob. The Polish unit is led by Major Edward "Edek" Keller (Boguslaw Linda). Soon later, Keller is under investigation for insubordination and for clashes with the Bosnian militia and foreign mercenaries. The investigation is led by two arriving officers - Lieutenant Czacki (Olaf Lubaszenko) and Major Czesław Kusz (Tadeusz Huk), who will replaced Keller as the commanding officer of the battalion on 1 March. The investigation comes at a sensitive time for Polish forces, as the Polish government tries to become a member of NATO. Keller maintains command of the unit, until his commission ends.


Bogusław Linda

(major Edward Keller)
Olaf Lubaszenko

(porucznik Czacki)
Zbigniew Zamachowski

(kapral "Houdini" Moraczewski)
Mirosław Baka

(plutonowy Cichy)
Bartłomiej Topa

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