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David Wants to Fly est un film de genre Documentaire avec David Lynch

David Wants to Fly (2010)

David Wants to Fly
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Durée 1h36
Note67% 3.3947553.3947553.3947553.3947553.394755

David Wants to Fly is a 2010 German documentary film that follows its director, Berlin-based, film school graduate David Sieveking, as he interacts with his film hero David Lynch, and explores the Transcendental Meditation movement. The film chronicles a period of time in Sieveking's life that includes his off-and-on relationship with his girlfriend as well as his travels to the United States, Holland and India. The film has received awards and honorable mentions as well as criticism.


In 2006, Sieveking, the German director, lead character, and narrator of the film, feels adrift after graduating from film school. At the time he is living with his girlfriend and he decides to travel to Fairfield, Iowa, to attend an event featuring David Lynch and Donovan. Afterwards, he and Pohl have an agreeable interview with Lynch about the Transcendental Meditation technique.


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