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Dårskapens hus est un film de genre Drame réalisé par Hasse Ekman avec Hasse Ekman

Dårskapens hus (1951)

Dårskapens hus
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Durée 1h17
Réalisé par
Genres Drame,    Comédie
Note48% 2.4299752.4299752.4299752.4299752.429975

The Nuthouse (Swedish: Dårskapens hus) is a 1951 Swedish comedy film directed by Hasse Ekman.


During excavations in Stockholm in the year 2248 45,000 feet film from the 1940s by master director Hasse Ekman is found. The material is in disarray but the Society for Ancient Film Research compiles material that is believed to master his artistic intentions.


Hasse Ekman

(Hans Hasseson Ekman / Fänrik Bråde / Kim (voice))
Lars Hanson

(Överste von Blankenau (archive footage))
Gunnar Sjöberg

(Kapten Hansson (archive footage))
Douglas Håge

(Borgmästaren / Gottfrid (archive footage))
Eva Henning

(Monika (archive footage))
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