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Comedian est un film américain de genre Comédie avec Jerry Seinfeld

Comedian (2002)

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Durée 1h21
Genres Comédie,    Documentaire
Note68% 3.448283.448283.448283.448283.44828

Comedian is a 2002 documentary focusing on Jerry Seinfeld that explores the other side of stand-up comedy; that is, the preparation, politics, nerves, creativity, and so on. The film also features an up-and-coming comic named Orny Adams as he struggles to make it in show business. Many other recognizable humorists also make at least a cameo, including Colin Quinn, Greg Giraldo, Jim Norton, Ray Romano, Godfrey, Chris Rock, George Wallace, Mario Joyner, Jay Leno, Tom Papa, and Bill Cosby.

The film's unusual trailer featured famous voice-over artist Hal Douglas speaking in a recording booth.

The film was theatrically released in the United States on October 11, 2002 and grossed about $2.8 million domestically.


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