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Chopratown est un film Britannique de genre Drame avec Sanjeev Bhaskar

Chopratown (2005)

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Durée 1h
Genres Drame,    Comédie,    Policier
Note72% 3.615373.615373.615373.615373.61537

Chopratown (2005) is a comedy drama from the BBC about private eye Vic Chopra (Sanjeev Bhaskar). In the film Chopra investigates Ali Ergun (Omid Djalili), a shady Turkish bakery owner. During his investigation he falls foul of Asian wide boy Ash Desai (Manish Patel) and added to this is the mystery of a missing cow.

Chopratown was directed by Sean Grundy, who also directed the first series of the Channel 4 drama Sugar Rush. The name "Chopratown" is a pun on the Jack Nicholson cult film Chinatown.


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Note72% 3.6478253.6478253.6478253.6478253.647825
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