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Che bella giornata est un film de genre Comédie avec Luigi Luciano

Che bella giornata (2011)

Che bella giornata
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Durée 1h37
Genres Comédie
Note62% 3.1272353.1272353.1272353.1272353.127235

What a Beautiful Day (Italian: Che bella giornata) is a 2011 Italian film directed by Gennaro Nunziante starring Checco Zalone, Luigi Luciano and Rocco Papaleo.

^ "Beautiful Day' now Italy's most successful film (Reuters)". 2011-01-17.

^ Smith, Ian Hayden (2012). International Film Guide 2012. p. 152. ISBN 978-1908215017.


Checco, a man who works as a bouncer at a nightclub in Brianza, dreams of becoming a carabiniere like his uncle Joseph Capobianco, however, he is rejected by Colonel Gismondo Mazzini after his third interview in one year. By the recommendation of the Archbishop of Milan, Checco manages to become a security officer at Milan Cathedral. While working at the cathedral he meets Farah, and Arab woman pretending to be an architecture student in order to gain access to the Madonnina. Farah, with the help of her brother and two other accomplices, plans to place an explosive device at the feet of the Madonnina to avenge the killing of her family in an unspecified bombing. Checco takes Farah to a dilapidated trullo, which he inherited from his grandfather in Alberobello. Checco wants the trullo to be demolished, however, it would cost €10,000. As the two spend time together, Checco falls in love with Farah.


Luigi Luciano

Rocco Papaleo

Nabiha Akkari

Ivano Marescotti

(Colonello dei carabinieri Gismondo Mazzini)
Anna Rita del Piano

Isabelle Adriani

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