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Cesta z města est un film de genre Comédie réalisé par Tomáš Vorel avec Tomáš Hanák

Cesta z města (2000)

Cesta z města
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Durée 1h44
Réalisé par
Genres Comédie,    Romance
Note65% 3.294253.294253.294253.294253.29425

Out of the City (Czech: Cesta z města) is a Czech comedy film directed by Tomás Vorel. It was released in 2000. Out of the City is Vorel's fourth feature film.


A programmer named Honza decides to clear his head over the weekend from his hectic job, picks up his ex-wife's son, and together they set off on a trip into the countryside. Their civilization is highlighted in the film using mobile phone, laptop and digital camera. They become familiar with a charming country girl named Markéta and her grandmother, who live in a house with scented herbs and homemade liqueurs. A weekend trip stretches to several weeks stay in the small village. Honza and his son spend the most beautiful and gayest moments of their life in the country. The film is a parade of quirky rural characters. Honza's absence from work and his son from school is not without consequences, and father and son are forced to return to civilization. But Honza cannot forget his weeks in the country, or the girl Margaret.


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