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Bon Voyage est un film Britannique réalisé par John Fawcett avec Fay Ripley

Bon Voyage (2006)

Bon Voyage
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Réalisé par
Note57% 2.854132.854132.854132.854132.85413

Bon Voyage is a 2006 television drama film written by Oliver Brown and directed by John Fawcett. It starred Fay Ripley, Ben Miles, Daniel Ryan and Rachael Blake.

Ben Miles and Rachael Blake play a couple who take their two children on a camping holiday to France. They soon realise they are being stalked by another couple, Simon (Ryan) and Linda (Ripley).


Fay Ripley

(Linda Holder)
Ben Miles

(Neil Aldred)
Rachael Blake

(Elizabeth Aldred)
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