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Bloodfist II est un film américain de genre Art martial avec Don Wilson (kickboxeur)

Bloodfist II (1990)

Bloodfist II
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Durée 1h25
Genres Art martial,    Action,    Wuxiapian
Themes Sport,    Arts martiaux
Note50% 2.5107552.5107552.5107552.5107552.510755

Bloodfist II is a 1990 action/adventure film starring Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Kris Aguilar and Ronald Asinas. It was directed by Andy Blumenthal and written by Catherine Cyran.


The film opens with Jake Raye as he fights Mickey Sheehan in a pro-kickboxing bout. The movie opens as they enter the fifth Round of the Lightweight Championship Match. Jake delivers Mickey a lightning fast kick to the throat in the middle of the sixth round, instantly killing him. Seeing what he had done, he decides to give up kickboxing once and for all.


Don Wilson (kickboxeur)

(Jake Raye)
Monsour del Rosario

(Tobo Castenerra)
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