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Big Money Rustlas est un film américain de genre Comédie avec Violent J

Big Money Rustlas (2010)

Big Money Rustlas
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Durée 1h35
Genres Comédie,    Action,    Western
Themes La musique,    Le hip-hop,    Musique
Note41% 2.0676652.0676652.0676652.0676652.067665

Big Money Rustlas is an American Western comedy film directed by Paul Andresen. The film is the prequel to the 2001 film Big Money Hustlas. Joseph Bruce wrote the story, and he, Andresen, and Studebaker Duchamp adapted the story into a screenplay. Their writing was influenced by classic Western films, classic Warner Bros. cartoons, and the film Blazing Saddles.

Gambling tycoon Big Baby Chips (Joseph Bruce), along with his assistants Raw Stank (Jamie Spaniolo) and Dusty Poot (Monoxide), run the downtrodden town of Mud Bug through extortion and violence. Sheriff Sugar Wolf (Joseph Utsler) arrives in town to confront Big Baby Chips, redeem his family name, and save the town. The film's tagline is "The Good, the Bad, and the ... Outrageous," a parody of the film The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Big Money Rustlas was released direct-to-video on August 17, 2010.


Sheriff Sugar Wolf (Utsler) returns to his hometown after many years to find that it has been taken over by Big Baby Chips (Bruce), a ruthless gambling tycoon who have run the downtrodden town of Mud Bug with his gang of thugs, which include Raw Stank (Jamie Madrox) and Dusty Poot (Monoxide), since killing Sugar Wolf's father, Grizzly Wolf (Ron Jeremy), and Sugar's brothers. Sugar decides to take over the position his father once held, leading Big Baby Chips to pit Sugar against a series of deadly assassins.


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