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Beyond the Farthest Star est un film américain de genre Drame avec Renée O'Connor

Beyond the Farthest Star (2013)

Beyond the Farthest Star
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Genres Drame
Note72% 3.6450553.6450553.6450553.6450553.645055

Beyond the Farthest Star is a 2013 limited-release faith-based film directed by Andy Librizzi starring Renée O'Connor, Todd Terry, and Cherami Leigh. The film was shot on location in Leonard, Texas.

The film was distributed via the method of crowdsourcing audiences, under which at least 500 people must make a reservation to watch the film before it can be brought to a cinema.


Renée O'Connor

(Maureen Wells)
Todd Terry

(Adam Wells)
Cherami Leigh

(Anne Wells)
William McNamara

(Calvin Clayman)
Andrew Prine

(Senator John Cutter)
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Bluray, DVD

Streaming / VOD

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