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Best Enemies est un film de genre Drame avec Sigrid Thornton

Best Enemies (1985)

Best Enemies
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Durée 2h5
Genres Drame

Niel Lynne is a 1985 Australian film about a young man during the 1960s.

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Niel Lynne is a romance inflluenced by his rebellious cousin Eric. Niel falls in love with his cousin Patricia, who has spent time in Paris. Nr


Sigrid Thornton

Judy Morris

David Argue

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Vinnie is a teenage boy who is an outcast at school, alienating teachers and students alike. He is a local courier for the local Mafia boss. He lives in welfare housing with his mother (Peta Toppano), a young brother and sister, and his Mum's lover who he can't stand. Vinnie takes out his aggression with the world practicing boxing at the local gym. He is haunted by images of his father (when just a boy he witnessed his father's murder) and his father's boxing career. His music teacher (Sandy Gore) encourages him to get involved as a drummer with the school band, and his girlfriend Gloria (Sigrid Thornton) and others influence him to stay away from the Mafia.