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Beck - Levande begravd est un film de genre Drame réalisé par Harald Hamrell avec Peter Haber

Beck - Levande begravd (2010)

Beck - Levande begravd
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Genres Drame,    Thriller,    Policier
Note63% 3.1979453.1979453.1979453.1979453.197945

Beck – Levande begravd (English: Beck – Buried Alive) is a 2009 film about the Swedish police detective Martin Beck directed by Harald Hamrell.

It is the 26th film in the series of chief inspector Martin Beck, with Peter Haber in the role of Beck and Mikael Persbrandt as Gunvald Larsson. It is directed by Harald Hamrell. The producer is Lars Blomgren and production company is Filmlance. Recording began in September 2008. In the movie is also Stina Rautelin, Ingvar Hirdwall, Måns Nathanaelson, Rebecka Hemse and Jessica Zandén.


In a playground in the centre of the urban idyll, the police find a buried wooden box containing a famous and well-respected prosecutor. Martin Beck and his police team initially suspect a highly criminal MC-leader of the attack, but one pretty soon has to re-evaluate the case once the MC-leader is found murdered in a similar wooden box. Soon, more wooden boxes are found and the police realize that they are part of a cat and mouse game with a crazy serial killer. The investigation soon shows that there is a vague connection between the victims in the shape of a 9 year old event, but what Martin Beck does not suspect is that his own life too is at stake, as the murderer has chosen him as the next victim.


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