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Baat seng bou hei est un film Hongkongais de genre Comédie avec Donnie Yen

Baat seng bou hei (2012)

Baat seng bou hei
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OrigineHong kong
Genres Comédie,    Comédie romantique,    Romance
Note52% 2.6255352.6255352.6255352.6255352.625535

All's Well, Ends Well 2012 () is a 2012 Hong Kong romantic comedy film directed by Chan Hing-ka and Janet Chun. It is the seventh installment in the All's Well, Ends Well film series.

^ 去年票房總結 《復仇者》億元稱霸 《寒戰》破4千萬冠絕港片


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