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Aswesuma est un film Sri Lankais de genre Drame avec Joe Abeywickrama

Aswesuma (2001)

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OrigineSri Lanka
Genres Drame,    Policier
Note72% 3.6484753.6484753.6484753.6484753.648475

Aswesuma (The Compensation) is a 2001 Sri Lankan crime drama film starring Joe Abeywickrama, Sangeetha Weeraratne, and Jackson Anthony. The film was directed by Bennett Rathnayake and won the FIPRESCI Prize at the Bombay International Film Festival.


Joe Abeywickrama

(Guneris-Old age)
Jackson Anthony

(Guneris - Young)
Ravindra Randeniya

Sangeetha Weeraratne

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Bluray, DVD

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