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A Master Builder est un film américain de genre Drame réalisé par Jonathan Demme avec Julie Hagerty

A Master Builder (2013)

A Master Builder
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Durée 2h10
Réalisé par
Genres Drame
Note59% 2.9553252.9553252.9553252.9553252.955325

A Master Builder is a 2013 film directed by Jonathan Demme, based on Henrik Ibsen's play The Master Builder. The film was released in the United States in June 2014 and stars Wallace Shawn, Julie Hagerty, and Andre Gregory. The film is a colour production of the Ibsen play dealing with the relationship between an aging architect and a younger woman. The play originally premiered in 1893.


Halvard Solness (Shawn) is an aging architect of a small town in Norway who has managed to attain some distinction and local reputation, and long married to Aline (Hagerty). One day while having a visit from his friend Doctor Herdal (Pine), Solness is visited by Hilde Wangel (Joyce), a young woman of twenty-four from another town whom the doctor promptly recognizes from a recent trip.


Julie Hagerty

(Mrs. Solness)
Wallace Shawn

(Halvard Solness)
Andre Gregory

(Knut Brovik)
Larry Pine

(Dr. Herdal)
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