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A Coleção Invisível est un film brésilien de genre Drame avec Vladimir Brichta

A Coleção Invisível (2013)

A Coleção Invisível
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Durée 1h29
Genres Drame
Note70% 3.5436053.5436053.5436053.5436053.543605

The Invisible Collection (Portuguese: A Coleção Invisível) is a 2012 Brazilian drama film, directed by Bernard Attal and starring Vladimir Brichta, Walmor Chagas and Ludmila Rosa. It was shot in Salvador and Itajuípe, Bahia.


Beto's family owns a traditional antique store that is going through a financial crisis. To try to solve the situation, he travels to the town of Itajuípe, Bahia, in search of a rare collection of engravings which was acquired 30 years ago by a former client, the collector Samir. However, shortly upon arriving Beto faces strong resistance from his wife and his daughter Saada.


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