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තුංමං හංදිය est un film Sri Lankais de genre Drame avec Joe Abeywickrama

තුංමං හංදිය (1970)

තුංමං හංදිය
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Durée 1h33
OrigineSri Lanka
Genres Drame
Note80% 4.025344.025344.025344.025344.02534

Thun Man Handiya (Sinhala, Three Way Junction) is a 1970 dramatic film made by Sri Lankan artist Mahagama Sekera. It is autobiographical and recounts Sekera's childhood though the character of Sirisena.


The film is set in a small village and follows progression in painter Abilin's (Joe Abeywickrema) life through the eyes of his nephew Sirisena (Kumara Balasooriya, Karunarathna Ranasinghe). Abilin is an alcoholic and drifts through his life in debt and without focus. After getting into arguments with other villagers and his own brother (Dharmadasa Kuruppu), Abilin decides to take a job with a rich landowner (A. P. Gunarathna).


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