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搞定岳父大人 est un film de genre Comédie avec Xu Zheng

搞定岳父大人 (2012)

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Durée 1h31
Genres Comédie,    Romance
Note56% 2.831542.831542.831542.831542.83154

Meet the In-Laws is a 2012 Chinese comedy film directed by Li Haishu.


Psychologist Fan Jianqiang (Xu Zheng) travels with his girlfriend Su Xi (Lin Peng) from Shanghai to her home in Hangzhou, to meet her parents for the first time. Things get off to a rocky start when Fan discovers that his prospective father-in-law Su Bohu (Benz Hui) is actually one of his patients who had disclosed to him all his secrets.


Xu Zheng

(Fan Jianqiang)
Hui Shiu-hung

(Su Baku)
Lin Peng

(Su Shi)
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