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퀴즈왕 est un film de genre Comédie réalisé par Jang Jin avec Kim Su-ro

퀴즈왕 (2010)

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Durée 2h1
Réalisé par
Genres Comédie
Note60% 3.044063.044063.044063.044063.04406

The Quiz Show Scandal (Hangul: 퀴즈왕; RR: Kwijeu Wang; lit. "Quiz King") is a 2010 South Korean film. The ensemble comedy satire is written and directed by Jang Jin.

At a police station, people involved in a car accident are accidentally informed of the answer to the last question of a quiz show with a prize of over ten million dollars. On the day of the show, those same people gather again to compete against each other but they only know the answer to the last question. Who is going to win the fortune?


Four cars are caught up in a pile-up on the Gangbyeon Expressway into Seoul one night when a young woman, Im Yeon-yi, seemingly throws herself into the traffic. In the first car are Do Ho-man (Song Young-chang), whose wife is in a coma in hospital, and his cockily brilliant student son, Ji-yong (Lee Ji-yong); in the second are a gambling-addicted husband, Kim Sang-do (Ryu Seung-ryong), his nagging wife Jang Pal-nyeo (Jang Young-nam) and their young daughter; in the third are two gangsters, Lee Do-yeob (Kim Su-ro) and Park Sang-gil (Han Jae-suk), who will "fix" anything for money; and in the last car are four members of a depression-therapy group - club president Kim Jeong-sang (Kim Byeong-ok), high-school student Kim Yeo-na (Shim Eun-kyung), French teacher Lee Sang-hoon (Lee Sang-hoon) and a mobile phone salesman (Lee Moon-soo). They are all taken to Yongsan police station to sort out what happened, and are joined by others brought in for questioning, including restaurant delivery boy Oh Cheol-ju (Ryu Deok-hwan) and a drunk, Lee Jun-sang (Im Won-hee). Everyone in the room learns that the dead woman set questions for the big-money TV program Quiz Show and that a memory stick in her bag contains the answer to the final question for next month's show. No one has ever succeeded in answering all 30 questions because of the legendary difficulty of the final one: the show's accumulated pot is currently US$10 million. They all hurriedly brush up their general knowledge to apply to take part in the show, and by the night in question the pot has climbed to US$13.5 million. What they don't realize, as the show goes to air live, is that the organizers are running their own private scam, and Lee Do-yeob has decided to "fix" things his own way.


Kim Su-ro

(Lee Do-yeob, the older gangster)
Han Jae-suk

Jang Young-nam

(Jang Pal-nyeo)
Ryoo Seung-ryong

(Kim Sang-do)
Ryu Deok-hwan

(Oh Cheol-ju)
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