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연애소설 est un film de genre Drame réalisé par Lee Han avec Son Ye-jin

연애소설 (2002)

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Durée 1h46
Réalisé par
Genres Drame,    Romance
Note70% 3.542823.542823.542823.542823.54282

Lovers' Concerto (Hangul: 연애소설; RR: Yeonae Soseol; lit. "Love Novel") is a 2002 South Korean film directed by Lee Han. It is a romantic melodrama dealing with friendship, jealousy and the ties that bind.


Lee Ji-hwan (Cha Tae-hyun) receives photographs in the mail that reminds him of how he met two girls, Shim Soo-in (Son Ye-jin) and Kim Gyung-hee (Lee Eun-ju), one summer five years ago. He shares his memories with his friend Chul-hyun (Park Yong-woo). He recalls initially being in love with Soo-in, but she rejects him. Throughout the summer, the three remain friends. Ji-hwan and Gyung-hee develop feelings for each other but are reluctant to admit it. Ji-hwan recalls the complex relationship between the three to Chul-hyun.


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Origine Coree du sud
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Note65% 3.295193.295193.295193.295193.29519
Deux amis d'enfance, Ji-hwan, étudiant qui veut devenir cascadeur comme Jackie Chan et Dal-rae, étudiante en art dramatique qui veut devenir actrice mais qui a tendance à échouer aux auditions à cause de sa timidité mènent une relation compliquée quand ils commencent à fréquenter d'autres personnes.
Innocent witness, 2h9
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Origine Coree du sud
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Soon-Ho (Jeong Woo-seong), un avocat sans succès, est chargé de défendre un suspect dans une affaire de meurtre. La seule témoin est Ji-woo (Kim Hyang-gi), une jeune fille autiste.
우아한 거짓말, 1h57
Réalisé par Lee Han
Genres Drame
Thèmes Le suicide
Acteurs Kim Hee-ae, Go Ah-seong, Kim Yoo-jung, Kim Hyang-gi, Sung Dong-il, Yoo Ah-in
Note67% 3.3529053.3529053.3529053.3529053.352905
Hyun-sook (Kim Hee-ae) is a widowed single mother who is raising two teenage daughters while working at a big grocery store. One day, her youngest child, 14-year-old Cheon-ji (Kim Hyang-gi) suddenly commits suicide by hanging without even leaving a note. To Hyun-sook and her older daughter Man-ji (Go Ah-sung), Cheon-ji was the sweet child of the family who rarely complained and studied hard, while always trying to comfort her hardworking, often-weary mother. Struggling with guilt and anger, and not knowing why Cheon-ji chose to kill herself, the two women wonder whether there was something they missed or something they could have said or done. Flashbacks of Cheon-ji's past show that she had been the victim of cruel acts of bullying at her middle school, led by Hwa-yeon (Kim Yoo-jung), the prettiest and most popular girl in class whose true callous and manipulative nature hides a tortured soul.
완득이 (2011)
, 1h50
Réalisé par Lee Han
Genres Drame
Thèmes Sport
Acteurs Yoo Ah-in, Kim Yoon-seok, Park Hyo-joo, Ahn Gil-kang, Kim Young-jae, Kim Sang-ho
Note70% 3.536013.536013.536013.536013.53601
Eighteen-year-old Do Wan-deuk (Yoo Ah-in) lives with his hunchback father Gak-seol (Park Su-yeong) and stuttering uncle Min-gu (Kim Young-jae), former cabaret clowns now having to work in open-air markets after the closure of the nightclub they used for many years. Wan-deuk never knew his mother, who walked out 17 years ago, and has become a young brawler. His unconventional high school teacher, Lee Dong-ju (Kim Yoon-seok), who treats all his students with equal harshness, lives on the rooftop next door and is always on Wan-deuk's back. Both are perpetually insulted by a grouchy neighbor (Kim Sang-ho), who lives with his younger sister Lee Ho-jeong (Park Hyo-joo), a writer of "existential martial arts novels" under the pen-name Moonbow. When Gak-seol and Min-ju start going on the road looking for work, Gak-seol asks Dong-ju to keep an eye on his son, and the two become closer. Dong-ju tells Wan-deuk his mother, Lee Suk-gi (Jasmine B. Lee) is actually a Filipina and working in a restaurant in Seongnam, a satellite city south of Seoul. Thanks to Dong-ju, mother and son finally meet for the first time. Meanwhile, Jeong Yun-ha (Kang Byul), the brightest pupil in class, has taken a liking to Wan-deuk after splitting with her boyfriend Hyeok-ju (Kim Dong-yeong). When Wan-deuk takes up kickboxing to funnel his aggression, Yun-ha helps him. But just when Wan-deuk has come to rely on Dong-ju's tutorship, the latter is arrested by the police for helping illegal immigrant workers.
내 사랑
내 사랑 (2007)
, 1h51
Réalisé par Lee Han
Genres Comédie, Romance
Acteurs Choi Kang-hee, Kam Woo-sung, Uhm Tae-woong, Jung Il-woo, Lee Yeon-hee, Ryoo Seung-ryong
Note67% 3.378793.378793.378793.378793.37879
Three couples and one single man experience the miracle of love during the Christmas season. Joo-won, who is prone to daydreams and flights of fancy, shares a loving relationship with her subway driver boyfriend Se-jin. College student So-hyeon falls in love with fellow student Ji-woo, and asks him for drinking lessons despite her inability to handle alcohol. Career woman Soo-jeong is attracted to widowed father Jeong-seok, though he continually rejects her advances. And oddball "free hug activist" Jin-man returns to Seoul hoping to meet his old girlfriend.
Ditto (2000)
, 1h50
Origine Coree du sud
Genres Drame, Science-fiction, Fantasy, Romance
Thèmes Voyage dans le temps
Acteurs Yu Ji-tae, Kim Ha-neul, Park Yong-woo, Ha Ji-won
Note70% 3.54483.54483.54483.54483.5448
En 1979, la jeune So-eun étudie la littérature anglaise à l'université. So-eun est une jeune femme heureuse, dans ses études, et dans sa vie sentimentale qui commence tout juste à s'éveiller depuis qu'elle a retrouvé un brillant étudiant pour lequel elle nourrit un amour secret. Un jour, par hasard, elle met la main sur une radio CB, vieille et en piteux état. Elle la range dans un coin de sa chambre, jusqu'à ce que, un soir, elle se mette à entendre une voix...
La Lettre Écarlate, 1h55
Origine Coree du sud
Genres Drame, Thriller, Policier, Romance, Thriller érotique
Thèmes Sexualité, Erotique, Homosexualité, Thriller érotique, LGBT, LGBT, Lesbianisme
Acteurs Han Suk-kyu, Lee Eun-ju, Sung Hyun-ah, Uhm Ji-won, Jung In-gi, Kim Hye-jin
Note65% 3.250593.250593.250593.250593.25059
Ki-hoon est inspecteur de police qui mène une double vie aux côtés de son épouse, Soo-Hyun, et auprès de sa maitresse, Ga-Hee. À cet instant Ki Hyun enquête sur le meurtre d'un gérant d'un magasin de photos et son épouse mystérieuse. Il se prépare à être père au même moment puisque sa femme est enceinte de quelques mois. Mais les choses s'avèrent compliquées lorsque Ga-Hee va aussi lui apprendre qu'elle est enceinte à son tour…
Bungee Jumping of their Own, 1h39
Réalisé par Kim Dae-seung
Genres Drame, Romance
Thèmes Le thème de l'éducation, La mer, Religion, Sexualité, Le suicide, Transport, Homosexualité, LGBT, LGBT
Acteurs Lee Byung-hun, Lee Eun-ju, Hong Soo-hyun, Yeo Hyun-soo, Lee Beom-soo, Jeon Mi-seon
Note69% 3.492743.492743.492743.492743.49274
Deux âmes soeurs sont séparées par une terrible tragédie. Si même la mort ne peut les séparer, qu'en est-il du destin ?
April Snow
April Snow (2005)
, 1h45
Réalisé par Hur Jin-ho
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Son Ye-jin, Bae Yong-jun, Yu Seung-Mok, Ryu Seung-soo, Lee Han-wi
Note66% 3.3443753.3443753.3443753.3443753.344375
Après avoir appris que leurs époux respectifs avaient provoqué un accident de voiture, In-Su et Seo-young découvrent que ceux-ci étaient amants. Déchirés entre l’amour et la colère, ils vont se rencontrer, s’aimer à leur tour et partager les mêmes peines.
My girl and I, 1h35
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Cha Tae-hyun, Song Hye-kyo, Song Chang-eui, Kim Hae-sook, Kim Yoon-seok, Moon Jung-hee
Note71% 3.5948453.5948453.5948453.5948453.594845
The film starts in modern day Korea where we see Kim Su-ho (Cha Tae-hyun) return to his hometown after ten years to attend a reunion with his high school friends. He sadly strolls as he hears a female voice in his head calling out his name.