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山村老屍 est un film Hongkongais de genre Horreur avec Francis Ng

山村老屍 (1999)

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Durée 1h25
OrigineHong kong
Genres Horreur
Note47% 2.3877352.3877352.3877352.3877352.387735

A Wicked Ghost is a 1999 Hong Kong horror film directed by Leung Hung-wah, starring Francis Ng, Gigi Lai, Gabriel Harrison, Edward Mok, Nelson Ngai and Celia Sze. It was followed by A Wicked Ghost II: The Fear in 2000 and A Wicked Ghost III: The Possession in 2002.


Ming, Annie (Ming's girlfriend), and three other friends (Rubbish, Big-B, and Biggie) play a game of "contacting ghosts"—they mix their blood with water and drink from the mixture, form a circle by holding hands, and inhale fumes from the burning of oil secreted from a corpse. Ming backs out before the game starts. While the others are playing, Ming sees a long-haired female ghost in a blue dress appearing near them. He immediately stops them. The three friends meet their ends not long later: Rubbish dies of a heart attack in the bathroom; Big-B falls to his death from a rooftop; Biggie strangles her mother to death and then commits suicide.


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Note45% 2.2802952.2802952.2802952.2802952.280295
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