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爱得起 est un film Hongkongais de genre Comédie romantique avec Chen Bo-Lin

爱得起 (2009)

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Durée 1h30
OrigineHong kong
Note56% 2.829162.829162.829162.829162.82916

Give Love () is a 2009 Hong Kong romantic comedy film directed by Lee Ka Wing and Joe Ma.


Yat-tong (Bolin Chen) has got a new flat mate named Leslie (Gigi Leung). Unfortunately Leslie soon gets divorced by her husband and is deeply immersed in sorrow. With Yat-tong's company, she breaks away from the sad history and starts her new life. They get along so well that obviously they are turning to be something more than friends, at least everyone around expects that would happen sooner or later. Maybe just a matter of time. However, they have a large barrier. Leslie's ex-husband is the elder brother of Yat-tong. That means, they are indeed ex-in-laws. Truly, this is not just a matter of time then.


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