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உள்ளம் கேட்குமே est un film de genre Drame réalisé par Jeeva avec Shaam

உள்ளம் கேட்குமே (2005)

உள்ளம் கேட்குமே
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Durée 2h36
Réalisé par
Genres Drame,    Romance
Note70% 3.5357053.5357053.5357053.5357053.535705

Ullam Ketkumae is a 2005 Tamil romance film directed and co-written by Jeeva, with dialogues by Sujatha. The film features Shaam, Arya, Laila, Asin, and Pooja in the lead roles as five college students. The film's score and soundtrack are composed by Harris Jayaraj, while Vairamuthu penned the lyrics for the songs. The story tells the reunion of five friends who were together at college and exploring their relationships during the years. The film released after several delays in 2005 and went on to win critical and commercial success.


The movie is all about a group of five college friends - Emaan (Arya), Shaam (Shaam), Pooja (Laila), Priya (Asin), and Irene (Pooja). The friends gather for the wedding of Emaan, years after everyone has parted ways.


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Note77% 3.891773.891773.891773.891773.89177
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