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墨斗先生 est un film Hongkongais de genre Comédie réalisé par Simon Lui avec Jordan Chan

墨斗先生 (2004)

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Réalisé par
OrigineHong kong
Genres Comédie
Note64% 3.2373653.2373653.2373653.2373653.237365

Escape from Hong Kong Island (墨斗先生) is a 2004 black comedy film made in Hong Kong, directed by Simon Lui, and starring Jordan Chan.


Raymond Mak is a talented and brilliant investment consultant working on Hong Kong island, and this talent has provided Raymond with an abundant lifestyle. However, it cultivated an arrogant and heartless sociopathic vain attitude in him: he even spat in a "blind" beggar's money pot (Tats Lau), and has neglected his family who were reduced to substandard impoverished living. He has ignored repeated phone calls from the head nurse caring for his ailing mother for nine months, as she descends into geriatric dementia. He is accosted during one morning rush by a young businessman in dire distress. The young man had been robbed, and has no means to cross Hong Kong harbour, back to the mainland at Kowloon. He pleads for HK$20 for MTR fair, as presumably his Octopus card was in his wallet.


Jordan Chan
Chapman To

(Officer Mo)
Monica Lo

Cheung Tat-ming

(Raymond's Brother)
Vincent Kok

(Video Shop Owner)
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