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The End of the Line est un film Britannique de genre Drame réalisé par Charles Saunders avec Alan Baxter

The End of the Line (1957)

The End of the Line
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Réalisé par
Genres Drame,    Policier
Note50% 2.5255152.5255152.5255152.5255152.525515

The End of the Line is a 1957 British crime film directed by Charles Saunders and starring Alan Baxter, Barbara Shelley, Ferdy Mayne and Jennifer Jayne. The film was released in the United States in 1959. It was made at Southall Studios in West London.


An American author living in England (Alan Baxter) gets involved with the wife (Barbara Shelley) of a jewel fence. The wife then convinces the author to rob her husband but soon after the robbery the jewel fence winds up dead.


Alan Baxter

(Mike Selby)
Barbara Shelley

(Liliane Crawford)
Ferdy Mayne

Jennifer Jayne

(Anne Bruce)
Jack Melford

(Inspector Gates)
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